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17 Prime Digital Resources You Can Use To Unlock Opportunities While Working Remotely During The Stressful Lockdown!

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South Africa may be on lockdown, but if you have access to a computer and the internet, then the chance to unlock opportunity very much exists. What digital tools can you use to stay strong during this time?

South Africans aren’t strangers to pulling together in difficult times. The time for digital communities is NOW, and we are working hard to keep our digital community vibrant.

Here is our “how to” guide with a list of resources to keep you afloat

▶ How to work and think about work

  • Nomad Now blog: Four rules for working remotely from an experienced remote worker
  • The Resourcecast (podcast): How to work from home effectively during the Coronavirus
  • Amanda Appiagyei: How to look after yourself and your business during this time

▶ How to learn

  • 10 University Art Classes you can take online (for free), here
  • 10 University Art Classes you can take online (for free), here
  • Two free months of Adobe Creative Cloud here
  • 450 Ivy League Courses you can take online (for free), here

▶ How to relax and unwind

  • See more than 800 Frida Kahlo artworks in this virtual exhibition here
  • Audible’s hundreds of free audiobooks here
  • The Royal Opera House will Stream Opera and Ballet performances for free, learn more here
  • Watch Broadway musicals for free, here

▶ How to connect

There are many Facebook groups and communities which bring people together to share digital skills, offer camaraderie and learn. Nomad Now community is one of them, as well as:

  • The Resource Group (A job board for graduate professionals in the Advertising, Media, PR and Film Industries)
  • The Resource Creative Forum (A support group for creatives in The Resource community (only open to The Resource members))
  • I Know a Guy (for general resources)

▶ How to help and share

  • The Government’s Solidarity Response Fund – donate here
  • Learn how to help the Yenzani Chlidren’s home here
  • UNICEF – learn more on how to help under privileged children here

Remember, we are all in this TOGETHER! So, forward this information to those who may need it! We can all be #BetterTogether in the long run, if for now, we stay #togetherapart!

We will keep you in the know on how best to cope! Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance – we are here for you.

About the author 

Simone Louw

Simone-Claire comes from a writing background with a specialisation in creative copy and digital strategy. She loves playing with words, finding new ways to solve age-old problems, and working in a field that allows her to do what she loves, her way.

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