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The 4 Most Effective Ways To Overcome Pain Points In Your Hiring Process

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According to LinkedIn, 70% of companies take anywhere between 1-4 months to process a new hire. In 2017, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that the average time to fill a position is 36 days.

In a world where technology has allowed for access to short-term holiday accommodation rental, metered taxi usage, romantic date finding, flat or house-sharing at the click of a button – there is now also a way to reduce time and costs in the professional hiring process through this same technology.

Nomad Now is South Africa’s first end-to-end digital hiring platform; not a professional social network or an agency. The platform supports a built-in “job order” mechanism that allows hirers to search for, short-list, and invite specialised talent to apply for their jobs.

The payment mechanism and search algorithms are far more powerful than traditional professional social networks or existing job sites and job boards. It’s completely end-to-end. In other words: from searching, to hiring, to payment, to rating professionals – it all happens with one tool – Nomad Now.

The “Job Posting” feature matches talent on the platform to an Employer / Hirer job advert based on the required skills and experience for the role. To post job adverts, simply set the minimum search-match requirements and allow the intelligent search algorithms to screen the talent pool, revealing only those professionals who matched or are “relevant” to the job advert.

Nomad Now is different from traditional job posting websites where there screening of who is able to apply to job adverts is not restricted - where huge amounts of time are lost to process, evaluate, and respond to job applicants (most of which are not suitable for the role at all).

How does the Nomad Now Job Advert Function Overcome the Biggest Issues in the Hiring Process?

  • Volumes of job applicants can be enormous. The job advert feature enables hirers to choose how many applicants able to apply to a job. They can set match-requirements and select a minimum % match. The greater (or more specific) the % match, the smaller the pool of candidates invited to apply to the job!
  • Quality of job applications are often poor or inappropriate (where applicants lack the necessary skills for the job). Nomad Now overcomes this issue. By allowing only the talent that matches the job advert to view and apply for the job.
  • Traditionally, many employer-databases were unable to effectively and automatically retain and display applicant CVs and Cover letters. On Nomad Now, applicants upload their CVs and write a short “executive summary.” Hirers can view this information very quickly and efficiently on the Nomad Now job seeker profile at any time.
  • Legislation requires Hirers & Employers to provide appropriate reasons for declining applicants. On Nomad Now, Hirers choose the number of applicants they want to engage with and decide on a % match. This results in a much smaller and focused applicant pool, eliminating the need to spend huge amounts of time regretting applicants.

It’s no wonder that traditional hiring processes takes 1-4 months. Thankfully, this can be overcome with the innovation that is the Nomad Now end-to-end professional hiring platform.

Can you think back to being unable to access fast-food, short-term holiday accommodation, or a metered-taxi on-demand online? It’s hard to conceptualise, right? Hiring through Nomad Now is the “new normal”. In no time this way of sourcing talent will soon become the norm in South Africa.

If you aren’t still phoning a cab company to request a cab or finding holiday accommodation through your local newspaper or travel magazine, then why would you advertise your jobs in the local newspaper or on traditional job sites? That’s not efficient anymore!

Try the Nomad Now job advert feature today!

Sign up as a Hirer on www.nomadnow.co and post a job.  You can even choose from pre-existing job templates – saving you even more time. Get in touch with our team to arrange a demo of our platform – email gabby@nomadnow.co

About the author 

Simone Louw

Simone-Claire comes from a writing background with a specialisation in creative copy and digital strategy. She loves playing with words, finding new ways to solve age-old problems, and working in a field that allows her to do what she loves, her way.

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