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5 Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Nomad Now

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At Nomad Now, we pride ourselves on our customer service and hands-on approach to issues. We’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ document which you can find here and have a chat system on the bottom right hand corner of our home screen – where our consultants are constantly on-hand to answer questions!

We also have a Facebook community group where we share insights and updates on the platform, and you can also always reach us through

Commonly Asked Questions and their Answers

We thought we’d put together some of our most frequently asked questions with answers which should give you more insight into the queries you may have around the platform.

Can I sell my Services as a Business on Nomad Now?

We are not a "directory of services" or 'Index of Businesses" but we do enable professionals to offer their services via a company, other legal entity or as a sole proprietor.

Clients must feel that they are not be contracting with 'just a supplier' but with YOU and your reputation as an individual. This applies even if you are Team Leader of a Team of Freelancers, Contractors or Consultants. Its personal! Your rating is yours and reflects on your abilities and service, so protect and preserve it.

Select a suitable trading name but the Freelancer is yourself and it's YOU that will be rated by the Clients based on the quality of your delivery on an Order.

Have a look at our great new feature: Freelancer Teams. Put a team together and offer a combined service to Clients. As Team Leader you may even mark-up your team member prices and run the team like a business.

What is the purpose of the Skills reference function?

Our experience (and concluded from Client feedback over 22 years) is that Clients don't place much emphasis on pre-arranged references as they are often written under subjective circumstances (e.g.: from a friend or colleague or even to avoid a Labour dispute...).

So, with Client inputs, we created a hard-hitting “Skills Reference” functionality (and page) on your Profile. You simply enter the email address of the suitable Referee who can attest to your PARTICULAR SKILL(S) and the Referee quickly and simply completes the reference and clicks. It requires 1 minute of their time!

It’s important that the Referee can credibly rate your particular skill(s) by virtue of having evidenced your skills or performance. Clients want to see how well rated you are ‘per skill’

Why do I need to list my “Population Group” on my profile?

SA Clients are required by law (Employment Equity Act / Industry Employment Equity Codes) to report on the breakdown of their staff numbers by population group.

In addition, in the case of suppliers, Clients have to report on the BEE rating of parties from whom they procure goods or services. These 2 inputs count towards their compulsory annual Employment Equity ratings.

Is my Data Safe on Nomad Now?

Nomad Now security is tight. We are very aware of ongoing data breaches in social media networks that may cause users to be wary of giving out information on a new platform.

Our SSL security certificate is the “green” Comodo Extended Validation Certificate - the one that gives you the green address bar like the SA banks. It is easily recognizable and indicates that our site is very secure.

Further, most data breaches have occurred not DUE to social media platforms (of which we are not one, by the way) but because of ADD-ons / plug-ins. An example of this would be GAMES that you play using your Facebook account or any third-party SITE that you log into using your social media log in details - e.g. if you access a ticketing site using your Facebook log-in details. This is where most data breaches have occurred - through third party apps/sites connected to social media.

Once registering on Nomad Now, your data will NOT be used in any way in conjunction with Paton Personnel. Paton uses its OWN high-quality database which has been built up since 1997. Even then, Paton NEVER sends out CVs or Candidate details to Clients without prior Candidate permission.

Note that NOMAD Clients are not given the following info: contact details (email address, phone number) or banking details.

Why is Nomad Now Employer / Hirer Driven?

Nomad was created on the premise that it is a “employer-driven” platform. We are a digital recruitment platform aiming to remove the middle-man in the recruitment process. Our model is similar to that of an Airbnb or Uber, where buyers approach sellers.

Nomad Now was founded by Ross Paton (founder of Paton Personnel). Paton Personnel is a 20 + year-old recruitment firm placing top tier professional talent in the financial services sector and broader into 'industry'.

We canvassed Hirers & Employers across-industry and their top pain-points in recruitment included unwanted approaches from talent i.e. being flooded with job applications from candidates or flexi workers who did not match their requirements.

We believe in efficiencies – in accuracy of interactions. You may have experienced the countless LinkedIn users who ‘throw’ their CV’s at Jobs on the platform, only to receive no feedback.

Sure, it can make the applicant feel that he/she ‘has a chance’ but the numbers of applicants counter this probability. Nomad Now accurately matches Flexi and Perm profiles to Hirers' expressed needs EITHER through Job Ads placed on the Platform OR through Employer / Hirer Searches – a perfect match!

We hope that this info helps you understand more about our model. We are not necessarily a marketplace for jobs - but rather a tech solution to recruitment, which saves Hirers money and time. The request from Hirers & Employers was that they wanted to accurately, efficiently and effectively select and engage with talent.

Our newly released Job Ads feature has made a huge positive impact on number of Hirer interactions with Flexi and Perm workers, so make sure that your Profile is optimized.

As always, please get in touch at or use the chat function on the bottom right hand corner of your screens if you have other questions or need any help!

About the author 

Ross Paton

After almost 8 years in corporate finance at Investec, Ross Paton co-founded Paton Personnel in 1997. Paton Personnel focuses on specialized technical Recruitment, and Ross and the team have consolidated Paton’s position as a top talent supplier in Financial Services and beyond. Paton is well-known and respected for its’ professionalism, accuracy and business integrity. Ross also co-created and built Thrive Café on the historical Vilikazi Street (Soweto) in 2013, which was sold to a consortium of Private Equity Investors in December 2015. Ross’s latest entrepreneurial venture is Nomad Now: South Africa’s very first digital end-to-end hiring platform which has brought the same technology that has disrupted the metered-taxi and short-term accommodation markets, to hiring and recruitment in SA.

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