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6 Tips for Freelance Accountants – Find an Accounting Job

Finding Work Opportunities


With new online accounting software, freelance accountants no longer need corporate-standard infrastructure to get the job done, which is why the number of freelance accountants is increasing.

The success of any freelancer is predominantly based on how well costs are managed, the trustworthiness of their “brand”, and the ease of locating and accessing their services.

As a freelance accountant, you’re a business owner, and will need to manage every aspect of your business to ensure that it is profitable – including your own finances, marketing, and sales.

Here are 6 tips for freelance accountants to keep your business afloat:

1. Have an Online Presence 

In order to get hired, potential clients need to be able to “find” you – especially online. Being a freelance accountant means you are not limited to clients in your local area because if you have an online presence; your services can be procured by hirers anywhere in the world!

  • Build a website (this does not have to be expensive)
  • Post client testimonials (ask satisfied customers to share them) on your platforms – social media, website, and jobseeker profiles
  • Create a jobseeker profile on Nomad Now where hundreds of Hirers can search for and hire you for their accounting jobs
2. Create Accounting Software Profiles

Being able log into a client’s account and check out their situation makes being a freelance accountant possible. This helps answer questions and removes the need for in-person meetings. Smart cloud accounting software also allows for automatic data entry and daily bank reconciliation – simplifying payroll.

3. Set your Prices

Businesses want certainty around pricing. Make sure to set your freelance accountant rates where Hirers can find them easily – for example, under the “Pricing” tab on your Nomad Now jobseeker profile. Consider creating pricing options or plans for specific services charged at a monthly fee. This can include work such as account reconciliations, day-to-day assistance, managing bill payments, providing reports, and advising on business growth.

4. Leverage Referrals

Having a trustworthy brand is important for attracting potential clients. By associating yourself with well-known and trusted brands, you encourage searching clients to trust your services too.

Ask for permission from previous and current clients to add their logo to your website, social media pages, or jobseeker profiles. Write and publish short “success stories” or “case studies” online about how you solved a specific client need. Take advantage of the “Skills References” feature on Nomad Now to establish yourself as a credible freelance accountant.

5. Try Traditional Marketing Techniques
  • Send out a simple email newsletter advertising your services
  • Perfect your “freelance accountant elevator pitch” – a brief summary of your services to makes a good impression (not necessarily a sale)
  • Attend accounting events to network with other accounting professionals as well as meet new potential clients
6. Manage your Own Expenses

It may be simple to track revenue through invoicing and payment apps, but costs are often overlooked. Keep an eye on expenses such as phones, internet, computers, and accounting software.

Consider speaking to a tax professional about claiming all deductions possible. Don’t ignore fees associated with hosting your website, accounting software memberships, job board profiles, advertising, or networking. Go the extra mile to keep costs to a minimum – use free jobseeker platforms like Nomad Now and contact sales agents from the accounting software you register with for potential partnerships.

About the author 

Julia Paton

Julia studied a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Film, English and Psychology followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, both at the University of Cape Town. Whilst at university, she co-founded “Shots Fired Productions” a photography & videography micro-business. In addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, Julia brings to the team international experience gained from working at an advertising agency in Hamburg (Germany) and managing the marketing portfolio at an AI & Data Science Company in Sydney (Australia).

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