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The Future Of Work And Covid-19: Real Advice For Working Remotely

The Future of Work


As you know, the Coronavirus has hit South African shores. The president has declared a state of disaster. The implications for the virus reaching the most vulnerable in our society are huge. We need to act fast and responsibly in order to protect those most at risk.

From Dr Christoforos Anagnostopoulos:

“Democracies deal with emergencies by relying on personal responsibility and voluntary behavioral change. Take this responsibility seriously. And demonstrate leadership. It is a common misconception that leadership lies with government only. This is not true. Leadership is everywhere. Every employer, every manager, every teacher, every public servant, every parent is a leader. Everyone who makes decisions on behalf of other people is a leader. Every handshake is a decision.”

So, what does this “personal responsibility” look like? What is this "voluntary behavioral change"? Well, for those who can, this means working from home i.e. remote working. And with that, in a matter of a few days, we have found ourselves very suddenly being propelled into the “future of work”.

2020: The Future of Work is now HERE!

At Nomad Now, we’ve been preparing for the future of work since the end of 2016. We saw the need in the market for a platform which would allow the hiring of professionals in the context of the “future of work” and so we built Nomad Now: the first tech platform in South Africa enabling companies to hire all professional flexible or permanent talent online.

This flexible talent can obviously work where, when and how they want. Nomad allows for the hiring of all professional talent without any person to person contact and allows a flexible workforce to work remotely.

The Future of Work at Nomad Now

Internally, our CEO works from Sydney for a few months of the year, and our Marketing Manager has been working from Europe for the last 5 months. We run our team on Slack and communicate each and every day: probably better than we do in the physical office! Not using Slack? This is a great communication tool enabling a “virtual office.” Take a look at it here.

The Future of Work for YOU

As we are pretty used to working remotely, we have the following tips on how to stay focused, motivated and energized during this time:

  • Create a designated working space – ideally not in your bedroom. Ensure you separate your working space and your “relaxing” space so that mentally you are not always in a “working space.”
  • Get dressed! Wear proper shoes. The temptation to stay in your pajamas all day might be there: but tell your brain you are in working mode by getting dressed!
  • You need to find a way to stimulate yourself “socially” and replace the “water cooler” conversation time. At NN, we use Slack and sometimes we switch to casual conversation – and this is important. Keep up to date with your colleagues on a personal level: how are they coping with the kids at home? Where in their house are they working from?
  • Go outside! Take some time to get fresh air in your garden – in South Africa we are lucky to have wonderful outdoor areas – make use of them. Work on your patio?
  • Exercise – take your mind outside of your house! There are multiple APPS and YouTube channels giving you access to an “at home” workout. Make use of these! Alo Yoga is great for Yoga and the 7 Minutes workout App is great for a general workout. Many gyms and fitness instructors are taking their workouts online!
  • Read and LEARN! Sites like Coursera and EdX give FREE access to incredible online courses from Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and other top institutions. Replace your commute time with learning time.

We’ve been doing our own reading, and have created a list of very useful resources which may help you to adapt and even THRIVE in this time of change.

How to thrive working remotely

How to cope with Anxiety

How to deal with your children

How to help the elderly

Finally, we are here to HELP! We have been preparing for these working conditions for some time and want to give you the best advice on how to thrive in turbulent and different conditions.

Do you have questions on how you can improve productivity or communication? Let us know! We are also in touch with our employers / hirers in terms of boosting their remote work forces as we speak! Watch this space…

About the author 

Claire Millward

Claire studied a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree at UCT with majors in Economics, Organizational Psychology and Media & Writing. Whilst at University, she was the Social Media Manager for the UCT Official Newspaper (VARSITY Newspaper) and was the Marketing Director at the UCT Consulting Club. Claire started as the first employee at Nomad Now in January 2018 and has built and grown the marketing portfolio from scratch.

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