May 13

3 Reasons Why Companies Not Using The Latest Recruitment Technology Should Be Concerned

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It’s hard to believe that so many businesses are not taking advantage of the benefits that technology could bring to out-dated processes.

New applications and software are putting an end to endless admin, inefficient production lines, and management processes. However, Human Resource departments are statistically the most reluctant to change – putting companies at risk falling of behind more innovative competitors.

This is an unexpected fact considering the amount of repetitive, monotonous tasks that HR professionals are expected to do which could be simply automated and improved by investing in the right platform. So why are HR leaders reluctant to implement technology into processes?

As it turns out, there are hidden reasons that prevent the implementation of technology in HR departments which make leveraging HR and recruitment technology difficult. These reasons include:


HR: at the Bottom of the List

In the hierarchy of departments in a company – HR is often IT’s lowest priority. There are more urgent departments that need technological attention like data security, sales, research & development, etc. Human Resources, especially hiring or recruitment, are often stuck with slow, inefficient and traditional processes.


Technology Outruns HR

Nearly 80% of companies in Forbes’s study of IT and HR operations executives admit to struggling to keep up with recruitment technology. HR and IT leaders feel overwhelmed by determining which technology will be the most impactful for the organisation in the long run.


The Ball Must Keep Rolling

It’s sometimes difficult for HR leaders to gather enough advocacy for new recruitment technology.

CEOs and other C-Suite members are uncomfortable with going ahead with technological changes that may cost money and take time to implement – regardless of the ROI in the long run.

The above three reasons make it difficult for IT and HR leaders to receive funding for technology that will improve HR efficiency.

Once HR management is able to secure and implement HR-focused applications and technology, they can focus on improving the areas that make a company at risk of falling behind competitors: finding talent.

Hiring teams need the right tools to find top talent and luckily, the emergence of online recruitment solutions can help just that.

Online recruitment platforms like Nomad Now, equip hiring teams to not only make recruiting fast – but increase the chances of finding better qualified candidates that are suited to the company’s open position and values.

According to Social Talent’s Global Recruiting Survey, having new technology in human resources has increased internal hiring teams’ productivity by taking care of the time-consuming (but important) tasks such as: locating qualified professionals, filtering and matching up candidate skills to job requirements, screening talent, and nurturing candidates for a new position.

Nomad Now is able to efficiently match professionals with job requirements in an accelerated and transparent way – allowing hiring managers more time for more important aspects of recruitment: examining interpersonal skills, building relationships, and getting to know candidates beyond their resumé.

Ensure that your Human Resources department does not fall behind competitors due to lack of innovation in the department.

Allow your hiring teams to efficiently find the best talent for the role with online recruitment platforms without having to sacrifice a large financial investment. Sign up for Nomad Now as a Hirer/Employer – leave the admin and timeous search aspects of hiring to the platform!

About the author 

Julia Paton

Julia studied a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Film, English and Psychology followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, both at the University of Cape Town. Whilst at university, she co-founded “Shots Fired Productions” a photography & videography micro-business. In addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, Julia brings to the team international experience gained from working at an advertising agency in Hamburg (Germany) and managing the marketing portfolio at an AI & Data Science Company in Sydney (Australia).

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