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How Your Business Can Overcome The 30-Day Payment Struggle And Ensure Flexi-Workers Are Always Paid On Time

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My most recent learning curve was when one of our top clients rewarded us with a ‘BULK PURCHASE ORDER.’

I had never been exposed to the concept but what a win it is for us!

Many of our Clients struggle with consistently meeting 30-day payment periods. Payment approvals often require ‘Purchase Order numbers’ (POs), which can often only be given by either HR or Line Management.

Business and other demands can result in “payment approval” individuals being unavailable and therefore unable to tend to upcoming payment approvals timeously. When our Clients are late, we are put under pressure to enable payment of revenues to owed Freelancers.

In the past, we have resorted to paying Freelancers without having received payments from Clients (like a lending service but without the benefits of juicy rates that micro-lenders charge!).

Then, out-of-the-blue, a Client called to say they had given Nomad Now a large “Bulk Purchase Order”.

This was amazing for us and the Client! It meant that the Client could place job orders constantly until the entire value of the Purchase Order is used up. Solving a very real and high impact problem by a forward-thinking Client.

Flexi-workers cannot often afford delays in payments. This is something that our Clients understand, suggesting “bulk purchase orders” (which we immediately adopted) to ensure payments to those owed are completed on-time.

Another step towards reinventing recruitment and hiring processes in South Africa! Sign up as a Hirer / Employer on Nomad Now today.

Aside: The “bulk purchase order” solution was so effective that it caused a respective “issue” – as clients are now able to place many orders for talent at a rapid rate, we quickly ‘built stock’ of jobseekers with their in-demand skills.

About the author 

Ross Paton

After almost 8 years in corporate finance at Investec, Ross Paton co-founded Paton Personnel in 1997. Paton Personnel focuses on specialized technical Recruitment, and Ross and the team have consolidated Paton’s position as a top talent supplier in Financial Services and beyond. Paton is well-known and respected for its’ professionalism, accuracy and business integrity. Ross also co-created and built Thrive Café on the historical Vilikazi Street (Soweto) in 2013, which was sold to a consortium of Private Equity Investors in December 2015. Ross’s latest entrepreneurial venture is Nomad Now: South Africa’s very first digital end-to-end hiring platform which has brought the same technology that has disrupted the metered-taxi and short-term accommodation markets, to hiring and recruitment in SA.

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