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Our CEO Shares Why Nomad Now’s Job Ad Feature Is The Best Way Businesses Can Find And Assess Professional Talent

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In a world where platform technology allows us to instantly access holiday accommodation, metered taxis, fast-food and flat or house shares and even romantic dates… It makes no sense NOT to bring this technology to the professional hiring process.

At Nomad Now we’re bringing the same technology which cuts out time and increases efficiency in other industries, to the professional hiring process.

We’ve solved this problem through building an “instant relevance-matched” job posting function that optimises the match between the hirer and the job-seeker. Radically reduce your time spent on evaluating applications for jobs!

With our background and presence in recruitment, we’ve been able to speak to Clients directly and find out their biggest pain points in the hiring process. The feedback has been that their greatest burdens is that of processing, evaluating and responding to thousands of job applications a month.

What are the biggest pain points in the hiring process?

  • Volumes of applicants can be enormous
  • Quality of applications can be poor or applications are often misguided in the sense that the applicant lacks the skills required for the job specs i.e.: there is a mismatch
  • In many cases client databases cannot effectively and automatically retain and display applicant CV's and cover letters
  • It’s seldom possible to hire quickly
  • Legislation requires clients providing appropriate reasons for declining applicants.

All the above processes are massively time consuming, expensive and demanding on employer resources and also lead to dissatisfaction amongst resourcing staff. Their roles can become bogged down with demoralising basic admin…

Nomad Now solves this issue!

So, what is our Nomad Now job posting feature and what does it do?

Our solution is entirely EMPLOYER/HIRER-driven i.e. driven by buyers of talent. We enable you to quickly and efficiently assess and access job seekers that suit you.

What does this mean? It means that you (the Client / Hirer) choose which talent you wish to engage with! You approach your preferred candidates or flexi workers and transact with them directly. You can do this EITHER using our Job Ads feature or our Search feature.

OUR JOB ADS ARE FREE and take a few minutes to create. You set the percentage match that you require i.e.: if you set the match at 100%, your potential application list reduces. Select the number of potential applicants that you are comfortable with – click to post your ad – wait briefly for applicants – ALL ONLINE.

Benefits - how is this function different from any other job posting function?

Our Nomad Now ‘intelligence’ ensures that only applicants that are relevance matched to your job specs are able to apply. This is the crucial difference. Nomad Now is clever, accurate and saves you time. Alternative job posting features on other sites allow ANYBODY to apply. Our job posting function only publishes a job to a specific pool of screened applicants.

So, what are the next steps? Log in, post a Job Ad or get in touch with our account managers - email gabby@nomadnow.co

Test us! Sign up and place Job Ads at no cost – you will see and appreciate our difference.

Out with the old!

About the author 

Ross Paton

After almost 8 years in corporate finance at Investec, Ross Paton co-founded Paton Personnel in 1997. Paton Personnel focuses on specialized technical Recruitment, and Ross and the team have consolidated Paton’s position as a top talent supplier in Financial Services and beyond. Paton is well-known and respected for its’ professionalism, accuracy and business integrity. Ross also co-created and built Thrive Café on the historical Vilikazi Street (Soweto) in 2013, which was sold to a consortium of Private Equity Investors in December 2015. Ross’s latest entrepreneurial venture is Nomad Now: South Africa’s very first digital end-to-end hiring platform which has brought the same technology that has disrupted the metered-taxi and short-term accommodation markets, to hiring and recruitment in SA.

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