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3 Big Tips for Small Businesses

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Starting a business can be terribly daunting. So much to do, so little time. It’s no wonder 50% of small businesses fail within the first 24 months. But before we scare you off, we’ve got 3 big tips for small businesses to help you through those first stages.

These tips are designed to help business owners of all sizes and shapes, whether you own a boutique clothing store or are a freelance designer.


Create meaningful partnerships


One thing is for sure – you are not alone. Every challenge you face is likely to be experienced by someone else. Better yet, it can probably be solved by someone else, too. Either way, inviting other businesses or individuals to join you along the way is a fabulous way to gather tips for small businesses.

Many first-time business owners start out of passion for their product or service, and find themselves unsure of how to run the business side of things. For others, it may be the opposite – a great business idea but little subject or product expertise.

Whichever one you find yourself resonating with, there is someone who can fill the gap. With freelancers, agencies, remote workers and suppliers you never need to be left in the lurch. While finding reliable and trusted partners may take a few tries, creating these partnerships are invaluable in the long term.

Inviting experts to the table to provide you with mentorship and advice is a wonderful way to increase your knowledge. Grow with Google, for example, runs online mentorship sessions for small businesses across Africa. Alternatively, find a mentor in your community who could help you get the context-specific insight you need.

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Follow your creativity


Our next tips for small businesses are all about following your creative flare. Running a business is not a science – while there are certain do’s and don’ts, many small businesses succeed thanks to creative problem solving and ingenuity.

In the early stages of a new business, curveballs can come out of nowhere. This has been especially true since the start of the pandemic. Those that have survived were the ones that showed agility, creativity and adaptability to their environment.

Creativity is undoubtedly an asset in business. It helps you stand out, have a strong unique selling point, and most of all it comes through in your offering. In a world saturated with products and businesses, those that stand out are those that succeed. What you have to offer is only yours, so embrace your difference and create with joy.


Harness the power of technology


In today’s world so many business systems and functions can be automated with apps and technology. It’s amazing to see how streamlined business functioning can be with just a few simple tools. There are products out there for everyone, and for every budget – here are a few of our technological tips for small businesses:

1. Google Workplace or Microsoft Suites.

Both companies offer comprehensive business tools that are optimized for collaboration. So if you don’t yet have offices, your team can still work together seamlessly.

2. Google My Business

Google has created a tool for small businesses to stand out on Search and in Maps. You can create a profile, set up your products and communicate with customers all for free. This is a fantastic launch pad to help you get found by local customers without investing a cent.

3. Nomad Now

Talent matching tools like Nomad Now are a fantastic way to streamline your recruitment and hiring process. With algorithms that do most of the work for you, you can sit back and get on with growing your business, while we do the work for you. You can Sign up HERE, or browse through our blogs for more tools and tips for small businesses.

About the author 

Sarah Mason

Sarah is a freelance writer and social media content creator working on brands across industries from recruitment to lifestyle and B2B. She is also a full time Learning Designer specialising in digital skills, workforce development and jobseeker empowerment in emerging markets across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her passion is seeing people and teams thrive, especially within the SME space.

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