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Find and Hire The Talent You Need: 3 Reasons Why Nomad Now Is The Answer

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Nomad Now cuts out the middle man

No more he-said, she-said, they-said. With Nomad Now you can find and hire the talent you need, without a middle man. Much like Airbnb or Uber you can approach a candidate directly without having to use agents or third-party platforms.

Picture this: Tammy from software development just handed in her notice. She’s been offered a new job and they need her to start in two weeks. Now your team is left with a big whole that needs filling, fast. You hop on to Nomad Now and fill out a job description, next thing you have a number of ideal candidates in your inbox. Not only are they matched based on their skills, experience, and education, but you can choose candidates based on what type of talent you’re looking for at the time. Perhaps you’re looking for a part-time employee or freelancer, a full time employee or contract worker.  Find and hire the talent YOU need and who fits your organisational culture.

find and hire the talent you need

No more unwanted applications

Are you tired of receiving hundreds of applications from candidates who are either over or under qualified? Or you’re paying for expensive HR software to help you filter CVs to help save you time.

Well Nomad Now helps find and hire the talent you need, at a fraction of the cost of agents or most recruitment software. And you get matched with only the most relevant candidates.  With unemployment being at an all time high, reaching 34.4% at the end of 2021. If we include discouraged job seekers in that number its even higher at 46.6%. It’s no wonder professionals will apply for any work, even if it is only loosely related to their skillset. However the constant rejections, and admin on the hirer’s side is discouraging and demotivating. With our streamlined approach we help create efficiencies, keep morale high and save everyone time.

find and hire the talent you need

Hit the bulls-eye with our algorithms

We believe in efficiencies – in accuracy of interactions. Nomad Now accurately matches Jobseeker and Candidate profiles based the expressed needs or requirements of the client either through the Job Ads or through Client Searches – always resulting in a perfect match! We have 10 000’s of candidates on our platform, across numerous industries, waiting for your jobs. Let us do the work to find you the perfect match.

Nomad Now is not a marketplace for jobs – but rather a tech solution to recruitment which saves you money and time. To sign-up and find and hire the talent you need, just head over to Nomadnow.co.

Nomad Now was founded by Ross Paton, the founder of Paton Personnel. Paton Personnel is a recruitment firm that is more than 20 years old and places top tier talent in the financial services industry.

About the author 

Sarah Mason

Sarah is a freelance writer and social media content creator working on brands across industries from recruitment to lifestyle and B2B. She is also a full time Learning Designer specialising in digital skills, workforce development and jobseeker empowerment in emerging markets across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her passion is seeing people and teams thrive, especially within the SME space.

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