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How to Find the Right UX / UI Designer for the Job: 8 Common Candidate Profiles

Finding The Right Talent


Companies have recently become to realise that, no matter how innovative and useful their product or service is, sales will not occur without a good user experience. Good design is good business, and this is why hiring a UX or UI designer is more important than ever in order to remain competitive. 

What Does Design have to do with Business?

In short, good design means customers don’t need to think. If the system is easy to use and meets their expectations in speed and reliability, customers will begin to build a lasting connection based on trust. Essentially, great design leads to loyalty (and sales!).

What is a UX / UI Designer? 

Firstly, there is a difference between a User Experience (UX) Designer and a User Interface (UI) Designer. Simply put, a UX designer is responsible for the overall feel of the experience, while UI designer is responsible for how the product’s interfaces look and function.

If you imagine a product as the human body: the organs represent the UX design: measuring and optimising against input for supporting life functions. The UI design represents the cosmetics of the body; its presentation, its senses and reactions.”

Emil Lamprecht


For an employer, it is important to have some understanding of UX / UI disciplines to guide your hiring process. Here are some of the usual candidate profiles you may come across when looking for a UX / UI Designer:

Types of UX UI Designers
1. The End-to-End UX Designer

This is probably the most in-demand profile: someone who can do it all, end-to-end, in highest quality.

A UX Designer has a comprehensive understanding of the entire UX Design and can deliver good results. They are best in in small but growing teams with time-restricted projects.

2. UX Designer / Design Researcher

Unfortunately, there are not many UX Design Researchers around in the digital space.

These candidates conduct research and interpret a large amount of information then translate it into something tangible using their visual design skills.

Design Researchers shine in uncertain and complex projects where they can build knowledge and find strong insights to kick-start a project.

3. UX Designer / Strategist 

A UX Strategist brings a strong understanding of research, planning, mapping and even producing deliverables.

These candidates understand the context of a problem on a higher level than the researcher as they apply an added layer of analytics and business case thinking to their research.

Strategists shine in long-term projects within a loosely defined context that can be explored and transformed.

4. UX Designer / Architect

Similar to an Information Architect. UX Architects are strong connectors of insights and interfaces.

They can come up with original concepts as well as describe how they work to all stakeholders. They mainly focus on function.

They thrive when they can invent new structural aspects rather than working existing systems.

5. UX Designer / Product Designer

These candidates are the ones who create the beautiful layouts and designs.

Product Designers merge all ideas and shape them into an intuitive experience. They also set up design systems and accompany a project from ideation to release.

They are best in projects where experiences need to be visually designed.

6. UI Designer / Art Director

Art Directors have a more conceptual approach and understanding of a brand.

They understand the brand and translate it into different visualisations for different target groups. They have an identity-driven approach to design and build off the “bigger picture”.

They work best in product launches or rebranding projects.

7. UX Designer / Concept Developer

Concept Developers often work in companies that build complex products that need optimised solutions.

They produce functionally high-fidelity prototypes and supervise tests.

They thrive in very complex interface products such as dashboards and focus during the postproduction phase.

8. UX Designer / Production Designer

Production Designers are the visual counterpart to the Concept Developers.

They are useful throughout postproduction phases and preparing the UX Design for growth.

These candidates can break down the visual layout into structural parts to prepare them for scaling of different kinds (changing amount of content, creating content in different languages) and tend to the necessary variations for the development team.

They are essential in large-scale products with complex dependencies.

Who do you need for your job?

Ultimately, the right UX / UI Designer depends on the jobs you need done and your existing team. Chances are that a “UX Team of One” will not be enough to produce the high-quality work for which companies strive.

Try these combinations to take your project to completion:

  • Strategist and Product Designer
  • Architect and Production Designer
  • Concept Developer and Art Director

Now that you know what to look for, find the ideal candidate efficiently!

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About the author 

Julia Paton

Julia studied a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Film, English and Psychology followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, both at the University of Cape Town. Whilst at university, she co-founded “Shots Fired Productions” a photography & videography micro-business. In addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, Julia brings to the team international experience gained from working at an advertising agency in Hamburg (Germany) and managing the marketing portfolio at an AI & Data Science Company in Sydney (Australia).

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