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Get Hired: How to Optimise Your Nomad Now Profile for Searching Employers and Hirers

Getting Hired Online, Finding Work Opportunities


Nomad Now technology enables Employers to find the best-matched candidates for the job.

Advanced searching algorithms ensure that only the Jobseeker profiles that are compatible with Hirer’s job requirements appear as search results and are matched to their job adverts.

What does this mean for Jobseekers? 

In order for your profile to be suggested to Employers, you need to make sure that our technology can easily scan and match you to available positions. Essentially, you need to optimise your Nomad Now profile for maximum job matches!

Here are a few tips on how to optimise your profile under each section based on current top jobseeker profiles as well as suggestions from Hirers:

My Services

This section is for keywords; not explanations. List industry-related keywords that best describe your expertise.


❌ ‘I have experience in modelling (financial models) whilst at PWC IN 2005-7’

✅ ‘Financial Modeling’

Services Offered - Nomad Now

Provide your Most Recent Roles (job titles) using concise, industry-recognised terms.


❌ Chief of Chat

✅ Call Centre Manager

❌ Digital Lord

✅ Website Manager

Most Recent Roles - My Services - Nomad Now
My Executive Summary

This is your “elevator pitch.” Use this section to create, compose, and impress potential Hirers. “Crystallise” (refine) your overall offering as an employee. Think about yourself as a product that you are selling – how would you sell yourself? What skills or experience makes you an expert in your field?

You can paste extracts for your CV or LinkedIn profile description if you wish. Always keep in mind that Nomad Now uses powerful text search-match capabilities and each section is scanned during Hirer searches, Job Ads and Service Requests.


Exec Summary - Nomad Now
My Skills

Avoid writing or pasting long descriptions of every one of your skills in My Executive Summary. Instead, include all skills under Business Skills.

Example taken from a profile:

❌ “I am an excellent user of Excel and effective at creating VB strings.”

✅ Rather tick Excel and VB under Business Skills and rate your ability using the star ratings

Skills and Ratings - Nomad Now
Personal Skills

Similarly to Business Skills, list each core personal skill separately and concisely.


❌ “I think of idea that are outside-the-box”

✅ Rather type “creative” and “innovative” and click enter  to include each personal skill as a keyword

Enter your text here...

Personal Skills - Nomad Now
Qualifications and Majors

Do not include explanations, simply list your qualification(s) without context or background as to what, where, why and how you undertook the studies.

Use the standard and full qualification or recognised abbreviation. Only include real, certified qualifications; do not include “qualifications from “The University of Life” or ‘The University of Hard Knocks”.


✅ LLB / Matric / BSc / IMM (incomplete) – always be honest!

Qualifications and Majors - Nomad Now
Personal Details

Fill out every compulsory section under Basic Information.

Why do I need to include my Population Group

Every South African company is required by law (Employment Equity Act / Industry Employment Equity Codes) to report on the breakdown of their staff numbers by population group.

In addition, in the case of suppliers (Nomad Now, in this case), Employers have to report on the BEE rating of parties from whom they procure goods or services. These 2 inputs count towards their compulsory annual Employment Equity ratings.


‘E’ does not represent English or ‘Z’, isiZulu – be accurate. Take the trouble to complete information optimally so that you retain Employer interest and credibility.

Rights to Work in South Africa

Don’t avoid the question. Be truthful so that interactions between you and Hirers are transparent, efficient, and accurate.

Phone Number

Ensure that your phone number is verified (see the verified green box). This lets Hirers know that you are legit.

Verify your phone number on Nomad Now

Set realistic prices that are attractive to Hirers in order to encourage your first Order. If you are unsure about what a realistic rate is, enquire from a connection who offers the same services as you do or have a look at PayScale.

As your reviews improve and your number of Hirers increases, you can adjust your fees.

Remember that Nomad Now Platform fees are 4% of the Order value (plus VAT). This amount is deducted from your Order Revenues before the payment is made to you. Allow for this deduction when setting your prices. Hirers do not compensate you for the Platform fee.

This is the same as other platforms like Airbnb and Upwork: payments are made through the platform after platform fees are deducted.

CV & Gallery

Upload the latest, most legible version of your CV and include any additional documents, photographs, or videos that highlight your expertise and services.

Skills References

Hirers rely on other Hirer’s assessment of your skills when deciding whether to employ you.

Request several references! Don’t feel guilty about “bothering” previous Employers – these references take less than 2 minutes. Make your Referee’s job easier by requesting ratings on several skills in the same request.

Make sure that your Referees are individuals who were in a position to adequately assess and rate your skills. A reference from a manager is more persuasive than that of a colleague (although such ratings can still carry weight).

Reach Out to Us

Feel free to let us know your advice when it comes to creating ‘high impact’ profiles! Email info@nomadnow.co - your input is welcome and most appreciated!


The Nomad Now Team

About the author 

Julia Paton

Julia studied a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Film, English and Psychology followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, both at the University of Cape Town. Whilst at university, she co-founded “Shots Fired Productions” a photography & videography micro-business. In addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, Julia brings to the team international experience gained from working at an advertising agency in Hamburg (Germany) and managing the marketing portfolio at an AI & Data Science Company in Sydney (Australia).

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