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How the Nomad Now Rewards Feature works

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How does the Nomad Now Rewards feature work?

We love to see a perfect match, especially when it means you make more money. We all know jobseeking can be hard so we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you. We help you find work that suits your time, work culture and lifestyle

If you’ve been following us on social media, you may have already heard about the Nomad Now rewards feature. If you haven’t, well now is your time. Nomad Now Rewards Feature allows you to make extra money simply by referring your friends to the platform. Once they successfully complete their first gig, you earn a percentage commission on their earnings. 

So how do you get started? 



Register on Nomad Now

✅ Click on the ‘share and rewards’ tab on your Nomad Now home screen

Nomad Now Rewards Feature

✅ Invite a colleague, friend or family member to join Nomad Now as a job seeker 

Nomad Now Rewards Feature


✅ When your referral joins and completes their first gig, you’ll earn a % of commission on their earnings. 💰

So what should you keep in mind when using Nomad Now Rewards Feature? 



  • When a registered Nomad Now jobseeker successfully ‘refers a friend’ to Nomad Now through our referral feature, the Introducer will qualify for a portion of Nomad Now fee(s) earned on Orders by Hirers for the jobseeker, placed through the platform and successfully completed. The order must be signed off by the hirer and the payment received by Nomad Now.

  • The current version of the Nomad Now Rewards Feature will stand for 2 years from the 1 May 2021. The incentive terms and conditions may be subject to change from time to time by Nomad Now.

  • Nomad jobseekers’ rights to earn Nomad Rewards for such introductions of Talent fall away after 2 years from 1 May 2021, i.e.: rewards can be earned on all Order periods completed by 30 April 2023.

  • Nomad Rewards will be paid out to Nomad registered Introducers on a monthly basis, at month-end, following the month in which the Nomad Now fee(s) was received from the Hirer for that Order (i.e.: we perform 1 payment batch per month).
  • The cost of Nomad Rewards are borne by / is for the cost of, Nomad Now, and not for Hirer cost.

  • Make sure that your friends and contacts only sign up using the Nomad Now referral link provided! Any direct signups onto Nomad Now or previously signed up Flexi or perm Nomad Now job seekers will not qualify as introduced talent by the introducer for the purpose of Nomad Rewards.

  • Also ensure that your bank account details are up-to-date on your Profile, as Nomad Now will auto-transfer referral fees only to the bank account listed on your Nomad Now Talent Profile. We cannot engage in correspondence regarding other payment methods or accept otherwise provided bank details.


And that’s it! 
If you’re looking to spruce up your profile to find more work, or help another jobseeker create a great profile take a read here on how to optimise your Nomad Now profile.

About the author 

Sarah Mason

Sarah is a freelance writer and social media content creator working on brands across industries from recruitment to lifestyle and B2B. She is also a full time Learning Designer specialising in digital skills, workforce development and jobseeker empowerment in emerging markets across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her passion is seeing people and teams thrive, especially within the SME space.

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