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3 Reasons Why Job Boards Are Not Useful For Your Job Search

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The traditional recruitment process is essentially outdated and badly executed. Job boards are not as effective as online recruitment platforms and social media applications where jobseekers are able to network directly with the hiring personnel in a company. Job boards only have a 2-4% employment effectiveness rate.

Other than a shockingly low success rate, here are 3 other reasons why job seekers are wasting precious time applying for jobs on job boards:

1) Least Successful Application-to-Hire Tool

Job boards make logical sense to us – we explore the list of open jobs, compare our skills and experience against requirements, and expect the hiring manager to naturally match our resume to the available role.

Unfortunately, you are not the only person thinking this way. According to Glassdoor, the average corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. Of those applications, only 4 to 6 candidates will be contacted for an interview, and only one will get the job.

Statistically, when a job is advertised on a variety of platforms, more than 50% of applications come through job boards yet only 18% of hires are made from applications received via job boards. This makes job boards one of the least successful job search platforms (Jobvite 2017 Recruiting Funnel Benchmark Report).

2) Amount of Time Spent

According to Careerbuilder, the average job seeker will spend 11 hours a week looking for work. Job seekers often find themselves in a sort of online frenzy – trawling job boards for ages at a time and applying for different jobs en masse (with the same resume – yikes!).

Many job boards are not optimised to save job seekers’ time. Often, applicants find they repeat processes unnecessarily. For example, when creating a job seeker profile, an updated resume as well as a manually entered job history must be uploaded. However, on each application, many job boards require the applicant to re-upload resumes and fill out job history manually. This means time is being used inefficiently, reinforcing that many job boards are not technologically reasonable.

3) Just another Search Engine

Have you ever felt, during your job search, that jobs across multiple sites and job boards seem familiar? Chances are that you could be applying the same role more than once!

Certain job boards are, in fact, not individual job boards at all but rather a search engine of sorts that lists job postings from external job boards. These “job boards” are therefore redundant if you're already using other sites and increase your chances of applying for the same job more than once. Employers might not realise that their job advert appears on external job boards and may assume that a job seeker with multiple applications for the same role is not paying attention or is in a state of “job search frenzy”. This can lower an applicant’s chances of being properly considered for the role.

The Way Forward

Instead of excessive amounts of time applying to roles on job boards, repeatedly uploading and manually filling out forms online, or accidentally applying for roles you have already applied for, try the following:

  1. 1
    Use an online recruitment platform – these platforms have a higher employment-success rate, use advanced search algorithms to ensure employers are alerted to well-suited candidates, and shorten the hiring process so job seekers can be contacted by employers sooner. Nomad Now is one of these digital recruitment platforms that does all of the above as well as keeps job seeker profiles available for employers to explore and get in touch (without needing to post a job advert). The platform uses a complex search algorithm that matches relevant job seeker skills and experience to the employer’s requirements.
  2. 2
    Identify companies you would like to work for - try to make contacts at companies you could see yourself working for (regardless of whether there is a current opportunity). By beginning conversations with key individuals in your chosen company, you can showcase your value, form a bond, and become a company insider. This can put you at front of mind when there is a job availability.

About the author 

Julia Paton

Julia studied a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Film, English and Psychology followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, both at the University of Cape Town. Whilst at university, she co-founded “Shots Fired Productions” a photography & videography micro-business. In addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, Julia brings to the team international experience gained from working at an advertising agency in Hamburg (Germany) and managing the marketing portfolio at an AI & Data Science Company in Sydney (Australia).

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